Here's what we do

We build software. We build it to your specifications.
We will talk with you about what it has to do.

It can actually be quite fun.

let's think it out

write it up, draw it out, start to describe what it is.

Starting a software project can be a confounding endeavour, but by taking a few well thought out steps the project can be a success. We suggest that any project starts with a specification; we will work with you to identify the features needed to make your software work. We will research what it will take to achieve the goals of your project.

Web Application Development
where the internet meets life

It will live in the tubes of the interweb

We have been work in Web Application Development for over 15 years and I would say it is our speciality. We've worked on social gaming sites, lottery sites as well as the development of a full management suite to run those types of sites. Rich internet applications (RIA) make for rich experiences for your users, let our experience in sound, graphics and interactivity help fulfil your vision.

Our existing service centre, rope, is easily modified to handle your needs. It features; user management, security, permissions and a big space for your idea..

Mobile Applications and sites
responsive, HTML5, native apps, whatever you need

your phone is a million times bigger than the Apollo guidance system

There is a lot that a mobile device; phone or tablet, can do now. It's in our hands all the time. Your customers use it to find you. Your employees expect it. We can build it.

Legacy software
It may be old but it still works

sometimes it just needs some extra care.

Software has evolved by leaps and bounds from when we started. It's likely that great piece of software you had built 10 years ago is showing its age. It may need a rebuild or just some tender love and care. Either way we can help.

The Endorsements

Turnover Manager

Cloud based software suite and mobile tablet application to manage and conduct property inspections.

Five Oceans Casino

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Homes by Avi

Interactive sales centre floorplan explorer to help customers envision the possiblities of their new homes.