Turnover Manager

Property management tool for auditing
keep track of everything about your property

Built on a solid architechure to expand and adjust

Turnover Manager was built as a service orientated architechure so the system could be used in a browser, tablet or phone. It has two components a table application for Android and a browser based management suite.

The tablet application is coded native android. It has a template driven form that can be configured for any property manager's existing forms. The application can collect signatures and store all the information locally until the tablet is within wireless. It can of course send the information at any time if there is a network connection.

The backend managers track each property audit, the condition of each feature, maintenance costs. User's can generate PDF reports and customize them for tenants or landlords. Property managers can easily upload existing tenant and property lists to get started quickly.

Five Oceans Casino

A custom built innovative player reward system
;a gaming site for everyone

build oceans of friends and earn from their rewards

The client side casino site is built in angular and bootstrap to handle client side logic and responsive design as well as cross browser compatibility. It communicates with our backend service centre which is integrated with a third party gaming platform and the custom built player rewards.

The player rewards system has a backend office to manage and track users. Rewards can be reconciled with transaction reporting of debits and credits of the rewards. It is also integrated with the 3rd party platform to push and pull rewards based on player's action.

Homes By Avi

Leading edge housing design and exploration tool
to explore the great work of Homes by Avi

A set of remote touch screens for sales centres

Touch screen monitors installed with an interactive floor plan of the commuity offerings by Homes by Avi allow users to explore the options of their favorite houses. The monitors are remotely accessible for maintenance monitoring and updates. Users can mail their favorite choices for more reveiw at home.

An online offering of the floorplans, designed to be used on tablets and desktops (and some of the bigger phones) let users explore the house options availble to them. Social media links let them post their choices. Also users can play with a space planner to place furniture in their favorite options.