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We love building software, we've been doing it a long time, we'd like to do it with you.

Every software idea can be great
when care is taken and knowledge is applied

We have built web applications, kiosks, tablet and phone apps. We can step in to support a legacy project and help rebuild it for the future.

The Details

The Clover Hitch is a knot to tie things together

We borrow from that idea because we think that is what software does, it ties things together. It can tie processes to data, or information to your phone, even bring clients to your company.

Consultation is step one

Let date for a while before we get married. We've seen projects of all shapes and sizes, our insight can help with a plan. We can met up have a coffee or lunch and talk about what you're trying to do.

Iterations are how we work

We play chess, Frank can see 6 plys into the future, but in a software project it's better to take one move at a time and an eye on the future.

Let's make a picture

I loves me a diagram. I'd like to map out your project and then we'll adjust as each iteration is completed and we learn more about what's needed.

Mechanics aren't just for cars

The front end, the middle ware, the database each work together, we have experts in each to tune the machine.

We can fix it

Legacy systems need some tender love and care and then if a rebuild is needed we can do that too.

It all gets done right

We build, we test, we fix, we test, that's really how things get done well. It's not glamorous, but we like it.

The Endorsements

Turnover Manager

Cloud based software suite and mobile tablet application to manage and conduct property inspections.

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Homes by Avi

Interactive sales centre floorplan explorer to help customers envision the possiblities of their new homes.